my dear friend...

...Christiane Thiere-Rostaing (German breeder of Azawakh who was part of the 2007 ABIS expedition) sent this beautiful poem for me to post...

On the embers of a fire, green tea simmers, bitter and sweet,
Three glasses are passed to the guests;
The first bitter as truth,
The second strong as love,
The third sweet as death.

Tamasheq poem

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Brian Reiter said...

I love that.

The three rounds of green tea boiled from the same leaves in the same pot is pan-West African. I've had the same stuff in Mali, Senegal and Gambia. I'm not sure how wide-spread it is. Most places of business have a dedicated tea-brewer who makes the tea and takes it around the office.

In Egypt and Jordan you have to employ a coffee brewer to make Arabic coffee. Essentially the same thing.