the nice cow...

...was kind enough to leave one yucca bloom. Well, it was the least she could do. She ate every other one within sight.

what else?

From top: Tahatmellet (Tamahan, db X Noowairah), Tiinaade (Fasiqqi X Tawinak), Mouna (Aslam X Semteende), Amassakoul (Kidal X Batna) and Choum (Afalkou X Batna). Al hamdullilah.



...at the top is Iferouane, owned by Mimi Cary Drake, CA, and below is her brother Bomboukou, owned by Skye and Josh Bauermeister, GA. Both are out of the desert bred taidit Tiraout and sired by Fasiqqi. Al hamdullilah.


Caught in the act!

more what else? pics of the dogs...

...from top: Azil (Aslam X Semteende), Abalak (Fasiqqi X Tawinak), Tezerift (Afelahlah X Tiwul), Tadaksahak (Afalkou X Batna) and again Azil. Al hamdullilah.

This cow is on my Most Wanted list!

This cow showed up two days ago and much to my chagrin will not leave! The dogs, who usually keep all the cattle out of 'our camp', have now accepted her. And all she does is walk around eating the flower spikes out of the tops of yuccas. I was waiting for them to bloom! And now they are almost all gone. And she goes over and drinks my horse's water, which he as well lets her and I think enjoys her company. But if she gets into my hay she's gonna be steak. Sorry PETA. Steak. I mean she is really one irritating cow.


al hamdullilah...Insh'Allah...

I bred Batna to Azil (Aslam X Semteende) starting about four and a half weeks ago. Yesterday I noticed that she was 'looking' pregnant. Today I am pretty sure she is pregnant, Insh'Allah.

I don't know if I will have any puppies available from this litter...but well, I wanted to post about it anyway...I am still praying for a daughter out of Batna, Insh'Allah, to carry forward her dam line. So far she has produced seven beautiful sons, al hamdullilah. If you'd like to see them you can search for them inside this blog: Choum, Tadaksahak and Mahdjoud, sired by Afalkou, and Amassakoul, Madidou, Ayur-ikmer and Kanazi sired by Kidal. Al hamdullilah.

Click here for the 'potential' ancestry of the litter, Insh'Allah.

There is also another taidit who may be pregnant, Insh'Allah: Neshroon who lives with Mimi Cary Drake in CA. More about this when we know something, Insh'Allah...


and again...little Tahatmellet...

...son of Noowairah (bred by Kelly Daniels, VA) and Tamahan (bred by Ayad ag Inachanan, Burkina Faso, Africa). Al hamdullilah.

from Africa with love...

...two images sent to me by my friends/colleagues/collaborators: the first is Iferouane (owned by Mimi Cary Drake, CA), daughter of the desert bred Tiraout...and the second is of Tagola, owned by Christiane Thier-Rostaing, Germany. Both Tiraout and Tagola were gifted to us on the 2007 ABIS expedition to the Sahel. Al hamdullilah.


well....more pics....

...from top: Tahatmellet (Tamahah, db X Noowairah), Tezerift (Afelahlah X Tiwul), Anazar (Fasiqqi X Chenna), two images of Samhan (Aslam X Semteende), Semteende (Ailal X Showq) and Sikasso (Kaisoon X Imouyene). Al hamdullilah.


sometimes I find a photo...

...from the past and it reminds me that most people probably don't know too much about the dogs from the early days of my breeding program. Jana was one of two daughters in a litter of five out of my first female azawakh Al-Hara's Tarada (bred by Ingrid Aigeldinger, Switzerland) and sired by my first male Reckendahl's Isesi (bred by Gisela Cook-Schmidt).

Jana was the only female to breed forward from my first litter, al hamdullilah. She produced two litters for me, the first sired by Kel Tarbanassen Firhoun (Kel Tarbanassen Eladi X Cenerentola des Nomades Blues...the get: Iman, Kusaylah, Talat, Khamseen, Takoba) and the second by Safouan Al-Ifriqiya (Debakkar Kel Dahoussahaq X Hatshepsut, db---the get: Chenna, Mouna-Inan, Amanun, Inouhaouen, Izzazen, Kaisoon).

al hamdullilah

From top: Amassakoul (Kidal X Batna), two images of Tahatmellet (Tamahan, db X Noowairah), Safdar (Fasiqqi X Tawinak) and Aisinda, db, the one who is always watching....watching...


one of the Ahadeeth Shareef...

the Noble sayings of the Prophet:

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: The Prophet said, "One who takes back his gift (which he has already given) is like a dog that swallows its vomit."

wa al hamdulllilah

From top: T'naasheet (Sheshonq X Afsoon), Abalak (Fasiqqi X Tiraout, db), Anazar (Fasiqqi X Chenna), Tahatmellet (Tamahan, db X Noowairah), Kidal (Kaisoon X Imouyene), Tintzirit (Amenzu X Tawinak) and the brothers Ayur-ikmer and Amassakoul (Kidal X Batna) drinking water, Tiraout, db, and Tamgak, db. Al hamdullilah. Amassakoul is co-owned by Mimi Cary Drake.