classic qasida from Al Lamiyyat:

The sand grouse drink what I leave behind.
They approach the water hole
After a night journey,
Their sides rumbling.

I resolved. They did.
We raced. Their wings fell limp
While I stood in front at ease
With my robe tucked up.

I turned away.
They tumbled to the rim,
Crops and gullets
Squeezing and pulsing.

As if their clatter
On both sides of the water hole
Were groups of men from caravans,
Letting themselves down,

Congregating from all sides
And taken in
Like droves of camels
At a wayside pool.

They gulped swiftly and passed on
At dawn
Like panic-stricken riders
From Uháza.

Tazodi, Amouken, Souilel and Tahount 28 days old, al hamdullilah



...(Aslam X Semteende) is owned by Brian Reiter who is living with his family in Accra, Ghana. Tawzalt was bred to Brian's Azelouan and is probably pregnant, Insh'Allah. I hope she is pregnant and that she will whelp strong, beautiful puppies, Insh'Allah.

Photograph by Brian Reiter.

first photo shoot

From top: Tazodi (the only bitch puppy), Tahount, Amouken and Souilel. They are three weeks old, al hamdullilah.


life goes on...al hamdullilah

My computer died ten days ago...but she's better now. I tried to take photos from time to time of the puppies. But I was so bummed about not being able to post them that I fell behind. Oh well. Pictured below (as individuals) are Amouken, Tahount, Tazodi and Souilel. One can guess why Taylalt is taking a break on the couch.

a friend sent this to me today...not sure who came up with it...but I liked it

The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.


OK, so I just figured out how to upload videos...

...here is another one of Taylalt with her puppies.

Taylalt X Bomboukou Puppies Nursing: The Movie

Lao Tzu wrote:

The motion of the Way is to return;
The use of the Way is to accept;
All things come from the Way,
And the Way comes from nothing.

Good fortune follows upon disaster;
Disaster lurks within good fortune;
Who can say how things will end?
Perhaps there is no end.


Amlal is owned by Cheryl Wilson who also imported Tombouktou's Aykarou (bred by Gabi Meissen, Germany) who is a son of Takute.


eid mubarak


Ok, so I'm guessing my Mom is not overjoyed about her living room baseboards turning from Bone White to Red Clay. Fortunately forbearance is one of her many qualities. As far as photo-ops go, it's not so great either. But the paint job will have to wait. And little Souilel (asleep behind his dam) is not as tiny as he appears; he's just the farthest away from the camera.


Tahount, Souilel, Amouken and Tazodi one week old, al hamdullilah

Maybe whoever is watching is tired of seeing...but I can't tire of showing. I am very proud of them. And I am thankful to them. They have brought back some part of me I thought had disappeared.


...and I think Chispa, the greyhound, both owned by Carlos Balestra who lives in Mexico City.

Lao Tzu wrote:

Experience is a riverbed,
Its source hidden, forever flowing:
Its entrance, the root of the world,
The Way moves within it:
Draw upon it; it will not run dry.


I resigned in mid-August as the President of The Azawakh Club. I had been thinking about it for a long while. Given all the stuff that happened during the past year, I realized that my presence had in many ways become a liability. My resignation was important for the Club and especially for the Members, the people who really matter in all this. I just felt it was time for me and the Club to move on.

I am proud of what we accomplished during my tenure but also disappointed that we failed to meet some of our short term goals. I am responsible for this and I regret I couldn't do more. After having been stung and disheartened by public attacks which also compromised my ability to perform my duties, I simply lost any real passion for building the Club.

I hope that the Club will continue to exist, firmly and with dignity and honor, and fulfill its unique mission to serve as a global fraternity of individuals dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the Azawakh.

Others will take over; I'm confident they will do a fine job.

And I will always wish the best for the Club, its Members and, most of all, the Azawakh.


Tadaksahak X Bossi litter born in France

Bossi was one of three puppies chosen by Corine Lundquist during the 2007 expedition to the Sahel. Bossi (on the left) was brought out for Pascal Thiery. For information on this litter, the first to carry the kennel name of Tadaksahak's owner Guy Dupraz, please click here (where you will find information on this litter as well as information about Tadaksahak's first litter X Corine's Abimbola).

I am proud of Tadaksahak and find both litters interesting and important.

And of course I am thankful to Corine and Guy for placing their confidence in Tadaksahak.

an old image of Jana, Iman and Hatshepsut

six days old...al hamdullilah