I have placed...

...within the right column of this page black and white images of the dogs that were trapped inside my house in Georgia when it burned down. It has taken me a long time to even think about them...much less look at their photos. But starting and publishing to this blog has helped me to begin to accept the fact that they are gone and that I must move on. They live on here in their descendants, al hamdullilah, and that is the positive aspect of their loss upon which I must focus. Telmousit and Maymouna left no progeny. But their brother Safouan bred forward and his descendants live here and in many other parts of the world, al hamdullilah. The Arabic calligraphy above is a verse from a Sura of the Qu'ran called Ar-Rahman. It says: All that lives on earth or in the heavens is bound to pass away: but forever will abide thy Sustainer’s Self, full of majesty and glory.

Again, I am not religious. But these words bring solace.


Brian Reiter said...

Your words are very moving. Be at peace. Ma'as salama.

Anonymous said...


What a touching tribute to post the pictures of your dogs. They will always live on in your memories and many others who knew them. I hope things are going well in NM - we miss you here in Georgia.

Brianna, Femi & Phancy