Can't ever resist posting...

...new photos of little Washeelat (Tombouktou's Qarqabu [Nahalet X Kusaylah] X Amadahl [Alem'nemehal X Taytok]). Also pictured are her brothers Wazzaq and Wayaasi...who has a tail, it is just thrown around on the other side!



I said,
“O sweet Beloved,
you are the refuge of my soul.”
He said, “If you belong to me,
don’t talk of your own soul.”

I said, “Why do you cut me
with your sharp words?”
He said, “My words wouldn’t hurt you,
if you weren’t in love with yourself.”

Jalal ed-Din Rumi

mi amigo Carlos....

in Mexico City just sent me new photos of little Yubai (Aslam X Semteende). If dogs can look happy, which I believe they can, then I think Yubai looks happy! al hamdullilah!


my friend Gionessa...

...in Las Vegas sent me these photos of her two Azawakh. Ansongo is out of Azzat and sired by Fasiqqi, and Nara is out of Imouyene and sired as well by the damn luckiest dog I know FASIQQI again. I have three siblings of Nara here: Kidal, Dori and Sikasso. Ansongo was an "only puppy", but a male I look forward to using one day on one of the bitches here, Insh'Allah, if things work out.


a poem...

I begged for power and found it in knowledge
I begged for honor and found it in poverty
I begged for health and found it in asceticism
I begged my account be lessened before God
and found it in silence
I begged for consolation and found it in despair

Ali Sahl Esfahani

some pics from this beautitul morning....al hamdullilah

...from top: Kidal (Fasiqqi X Imouyene), Djeebo then Hawa (Tamgak X Tiwul), the middle "Sister", and another of Djeebo.



...(Aslam X Semteende), now twenty-one weeks old, al hamdullilah.


This World

Surely, the likeness of this world is that of a snake:
it is soft to touch, and deadly poisonous.
The ignorant child is distracted by it,
and the one with understanding and intellect is cautious of it.

So turn away from what fascinates you in it,
for how little of it stays with you.

Imam Ali


Photos by Marya Morales, A.B.I.S. 2007 Expedition

a few left over from yesterday...


If my essence is from dust,
then dust (wherever it is) is my homeland
And every creature upon the heavens and the
earth represents a close relative.

[an Arabic poem]


another fractal....

OK...so I'm addicted to creating fractals. So shoot me.

morning sun...

...puppies from the most recent litters enjoying the warmth from the morning sun, al hamdullilah.