it rained during the night...

...and rain is NOT good for houses made from mud! The roof was leaking, pretty bad (soon when I can I will replace the mud roof with one of tin...I just can't have my computer and bed and other things getting wet! anymore!). One good thing about a mud floor is that you can dig a drainage hole in it.....each time it would fill with water I would use a dog bowl to toss the water out the door....and now I can just fill in the hole, tamp it down, and when it dries it will be a hard floor again, Insh'Allah. I have done it before. The bad thing was when I was awakened during the night by the barking dogs I rushed to see what might be happening and fell inside the hole. Uh, that would have been the hole FILLED with mud and water. I was not happy. And the language I resorted to was not "nice".

The other photos are: Aisinda on the truck (she likes to be the highest one of all...if she could get on top of the house she would!), little Hawa mixing with the pack, and Tawinak staring at me with a quixotic expression. The dogs hate hate hate the rain. More than I do probably.....but whatever, mash'Allah wa al hamdullilah.

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Jess Ruffner-Booth said...

Obviously Aisinda is up there watching for snakes!