I have always felt...

...it is important that images display an individual "sense" of the animal/animals as well as an archetypal essence that puts the animal/animals "in context, in culture...at once part of a finite moment and part of a broader continuum...".

Maybe that is what anyone who presents anything tries to do...actually, probably. But anyway, I hope people will enjoy, Insh'Allah. This image is of my beloved Tittawen (Safouan X Iman) who perished in the house fire, mash'Allah. Her name means "the eyes" in Tamasheq.

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Brian Reiter said...

Tittawen looks so much like Azelouan. As a grandson of Tittawen's littermate, Kusayla, Tittawen is Azelouan's great aunt but you could pass her off as his mother. She looks more like him than his real mother. They have the same eyes and head.

Tittawen head, left profile
Azelouan head, left profile

Tittawen, right oblique
Azelouan, right oblique