more pics from our life back in Georgia...

...from top: Alatokh (Ailal X Taytok/db), Azzat (Fasiqqi X Tafzint, bred by Alison Tyler), Chenna (Safouan X Jana), Abzaou (full brother of Azzat) and Enhal (Kusaylah X Tawinak). Al hamdullilah.

been a long week...but here are a couple of photos...well three would be more exact...

...from top Tawinak (Kusaylah X Taytok/db), Aisinda/db, and Choum (Afalkou X Batna). Al hamdullilah.



...whelped five female puppies today, al hamdullilah. They are named Nufoudah, Safqa, Abaya, Kehailat and Hamra. Al hamdullilah. I was praying for Batna to produce daughters...and Allah answered my prayers. Al hamdullilah.


...more from yesterday...

from top: Tadaksahak (Afalkou X Ili Tin Hinan Batna), Ngozi (Kaisoon X Azabina), Choum playing with Ayur-ikmer (Kidal X Batna), Choum (full brother of Tadaksahak [Afalkou X Batna]). Al hamdullilah.


...its been several days since I took any photos...

...from top: Tiraout/db, Tintzirit (Amenzu X Tawinak), Hawa (Tamgak/db X Tiwul), Hawa and Tadaksahak (Afalkou X Batna), Tiinaade (Fasiqqi X Tawinak), Azil (Aslam X Semteende) and Ataram (Idi Ilaman Afelahlah X Tiwul). Al hamdullilah.


well...I guess I just never get tired of taking photos...

...from top: Anazar (Fasiqqi X Chenna), Tamgak/db, a yucca flower spike the damn cow missed!, Tazrayt/db and Fasiqqi (Agarouf/db X Kabara dell Attimo Fugente). Al hamdullilah.


little Tahatmellet settles in...

...to his new home in California. For more pictures please visit Mimi Drake's blog. Don't know if she has them up yet...but she will. Great photos.

Al hamdullilah.


Enayat and Iferouane...

...came for a visit. The top two photos are of Iferouane (Fasiqqi X Tiraout, db) and the bottom two are of Enayat ([Takute Al-Ifriqiya X Al-Hara's Vakuru], bred by Gabriele Meissen [Tombouktou's Azawakh, Germany). Both are owned by Mimi Cary Drake. And well the photo in the middle is the two of them...obviously.


al hamdullilah

from top: Tahatmellet (Tamahan, db X Noowairah), siblings Kidal and Dori (Kaisoon X Imouyene), Batna (Elouret X Ultafa), Tintzirit (Amenzu X Tawinak) and Tezerift (Afelahlah X Tiwul). Al hamdullilah.


not as if there aren't plenty of photo ops....

...from top: Ayur-ikmer (Kidal X Batna), Tadamakat (Azenzer X Semteende), Hawa (Tamgak, db X Tiwul) and Tadaksahak (Afalkou X Batna), Mouna (Aslam X Semteende staring at Tahatmellet (Tamahan, db X Noowairah), Tintzirit (Amenzu X Tawinak), Djeebo (Tamgak X Tiwul), Semteende (Ailal X Showq) and Safdar (Fasiqqi X Tawinak). Al hamdullilah.