in English and Tamazight...

Do not weep

Even if the body wilts
The idea lives
Even if the times are hard
We will overcome weariness
Even if they shoot many stars,
The sky will never be stripped of all of its stars

Ur ttru yara

Xas terka lǧessa tefsi
Tikti ur tettmettat ara
Xas fellaɣ qesḥet tizi
I facal a d naǧǧew ddwa
Xas neqḍen acḥal d itri
Igenni ur inegger ara

Tahar Djaout, North African novelist, was assasinated on June 3rd, 1993. His death at the age of 39 was a tragic loss for the Amazigh culture. I hope he will not mind me borrowing his words...Insh'Allah.

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