Batna's puppies eating in the morning. They are now 37 days old, al hamdullilah.



...thank you Carlos from this interesting photo of Yubai (now just over one year old [Aslam X Semteende]). Carlos lives in Mexico City and serves on the Board of Directors of The Azawakh Club of America.


Marya and Mimi come to visit....

and these are some photos of their dogs. Some of the photos were taken by Mimi. From top: three photos of Tahatmellet (owned by Mimi Drake [Tamahan/db X Noowairah]), one of desert bred Chomeissa (brought out of Africa by Marya Morales), four photos of Tadawelt (owned by Marya Morales [Kaisoon Al-Ifriqiya X Imouyene Idiiyat-es-Sahel]), three of Enayat (bred by Gabriele Meissen, imported by Mimi [Al-Hara's Vakuru X Takute Al-Ifriqiya]) and two of Iferouane (owned by Mimi [Fasiqqi X Tiraout/db). Al hamdullilah.


Batna's daughters...al hamdullilah

...now ten days old. From top (in order of birth): Nufoudah, Safqa, Abaya, Kuhaylat and Hamra. Al hamdullilah.