more 'candids'...

...uh, like I would post a shot that wasn't? From top: little Amassakoul (Kidal X Batna), co-owned by Mimi C. Drake, CA, Tezerift (Afelahlah X Tiwul), play at dusk, Tadamakat (Azenzer X Semteende) and Djeebo (Tamgak X Tiwul). Al hamdullilah.


what else?

From top: Enhal (Kusaylah X Taytok), T'naasheet (Sheshonq X Afsoon), Azil (Aslam X Semteende), Tiraout (db) and Fasiqqi (Agarouf, db X Kabara dell'Attimo Fugente). Al hamdullilah.


Tahatmellet....now five weeks old, al hamdullilah

Tahatmellet (Tamahan X Noowairah) is co-owned by Mimi Cary Drake, CA.

and now sunrise...

images from yesterday...al hamdullilah

From top: T'naasheet (Sheshonq X Afsoon), Safdar (Fasiqqi X Tawinak), Tawinak (Kusaylah X Taytok), Semteende (Ailal X Showq) and Mouna (Aslam X Semteende) with Choum (Afalkou X Batna). Again, al hamdullilah.



paternal half-brother Dubai (front) and her full brother Nuiiry, all now six months old. Al hamdullilah. Photo sent to me yesterday by their breeder Doug Koger.


let's see...

From top: Aisinda (db), Choum (Afalkou X Batna) with his half-brother Ayur-kimer (Kidal X Batna) coming by, Mouna (Aslam X Semteende), T'naasheet (Sheshonq X Afsoon) and Tamgak (db). Al hamdullilah.


Tahatmellet five weeks old...al hamdullilah

He is already a character. Still nursing of course. And already howling when the older Azawakh start their usual morning howl. Silly looking. And amusing.

more days pass...al hamdullilah

From top: Tamoudit (Fasiqqi X Tiraout), Aisinda (db), Ataram (Afelahlah X Tiwul), T'naasheet ([Sheshonq X Afsoon] bred by Doug Koger, and the sunset. Al hamdullilah


young Azawakh...hanshee k'nai in Djerma...

...literally "sighthound-little". In the Djerma language there are no distinct words for very young animals....they are just 'little' versions of adult animals. I like that. Another example of this terminology would be how k'nai, 'cow-little'.

The little one is Tahatmellet and the older two are the three month old brothers Amassakoul and Ayur-kimer. Amassakoul is co-owned by Mimi Cary Drake, CA. Al hamdullilah.


what else?

From top: sleeping Tamahan (d.b.), Tamgak (d.b.), a group?, Tadamakat (Azenzer X Semteende), Abalak (Fasiqqi X Tiraout, d.b.), Afalkou (Amenukal X Showq) and Aisinda (d.b.). Al hamdullilah.


little Tahatmellet...

...is four weeks old today, al hamdullilah. He represents the addition of a new desert bred sire line to the western Azawakh genepool. Tamahan was bred by Ayad ag Inachanan, who gifted Tamahan to me when I was in the Sahel on the 2007 ABIS Expedition. The dam of Tamahan was the last daughter of the legendary Taikoussou, dam of my first desert bred taidit Hatshepsut (Taikoussou X Azabor), also a gift from Ayad. The Hatshepsut dam line is a predominant dam line of my breeding program. Through her descendents, her genetic contribution has spread to breeding programs the world over. Al hamdullilah. To view the ancestry of Tahatmellet click here. Tahatmellet is co-owned by Mimi Cary Drake, CA. Al hamdullilah.


more pics...

from top: Tiinaade (Fasiqqi X Tawinak), Aisinda (d.b.), Azil (Aslam X Semteende), Tawinak (Kusaylah X Taytok) and T'naasheet (Sheshonq X Afsoon). Al hamdullilah.