coffee with snake...

My friend Marya is down visiting (she has to leave this morning unfortunately!) and we were sitting drinking coffee when we heard the dogs making a ruckus over something...Marya went out to check and see what might be going on...and I hear her screaming....Snake! Aisinda was "alerting" all the dogs to the presence of a rattlesnake...I think this one is a sidewinder but not sure...we caught it before the puppies could get around it (it was less than fifty feet from the house and where the puppies were playing), al hamdullilah. Of all the snakes I've caught this one is the most aggressive...Insh'Allah it did not manage to bite any of the dogs...we are watching them for any signs of swelling. Sorry everyone but I really don't like the snakes...I know they have as much right to be here as I or the dogs...but well, just hate 'em.

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