al hamdullilah...

Sometimes I am compelled to tell who they are. Sometimes I resist this compulsion. They have already been captured! How will I entrap them even further by defining them...even if it is only with a name??? Al hamdullilah.


five images of Tamanayt...

...another desert-bred taidit brought home by Marya from the 2007 ABIS Expedition, from Menaka, Mali. The full sister of Tamanayt was brought back to Germany by Werner Roeder (Azawakh of Silverdale). Al hamdullilah.

more from the land of the Kel Maraaiiya...

...from the top: Marya with Tadawelt (Kaisoon X Imouyene), Arakaou (a desert-bred dog Marya brought home from the 2007 ABIS Expedition, from Tin Akoff, Burkina Faso), Chomeissa (a desert-bred bitch from the same expedition, from Niger), Ailymas (Aslam X Semteende) and Marya with Talem (short for Alem'nemehal [Safouan X Iman]). Al hamdullilah.

Aidi ak Maraiiya...

...five images of the young taidit Ultasila (Fasiqqi X Chenna) who is owned by my friend Marya Morales. Marya lives in northern New Mexico. I spent time with Marya this past weekend and was able to get some photos of the dogs. Al hamdullilah.



...an image taken yesterday of Marya Morales' Tadawelt (Kaisoon X Imouyene), sister of Aslam. The classic alert/warning response of an archetypal Azawakh.


Azawakh in Russia

The Russian Kennel Tukufu's Azawakh is increasing the genetic base for their breeding program. They have acquired the young male Azawakh Arish Tin Akoff, bred in the Check Republic by Eva Krulisova, Azawakh Tin Akoff. Arish is sired by Amadahl Idiiyat-es-Sahel and is out of Buraida Idi n'Illeli (bred by Sebastian Poller). Click here for the full ancestry.

It is extremely encouraging to see the bloodlines being crossed--to see the 'New African' Azawakh in the ancestry...to see the race advancing...globally. Truly, this is the future of the race, Insh'Allah.

Noowairah and her son Tahatmellet


mostly Tiinaade...

...so it was her day for photo-ops. From top: Tiinaade (Fasiqqi X Tawinak) being approached by Adoubou (Tamgak X Tiwul), Tiinaade, Tiraout (d.b.), Tiinaade, then Tommy with the dogs. The wind was gusting to 50 mph...no ear comments please. Al hamdullilah.

the world surrounding us...al hamdullilah


Batna's puppies...

...now there are two left. One is co-owned by Mimi Cary Drake (Amassakoul, top) and I have retained Ayur-Ikmer (pictured below Amassakoul) for breeding. Of course since Amassakoul will live here, and since Kanazi (now owned by Jess Ruffner and Brett Booth) is only a short distance away, there are actually three here to breed forward from, Insh'Allah. Only one, little Madidou (owned by Seth and Jillian Toomay), is too far away. Al hamdullilah.


Tahatmellet Idiiyat-es-Sahel

Al hamdullilah. Today Noowairah whelped one male puppy. I didn't think she had many inside...she didn't even look very pregnant...but well, I was thinking more like two...or three max? Nope, one puppy. The sire is Tamahan, a male gifted to me by Ayad ag Inachanan, Tin Akoff, Burkina Faso. I brought Tamahan back from the 2007 ABIS Expedition. Tamahan is a grandson of the legendary Taikoussou, as well as a nephew of Taikoussou's daughter Hatshepsut (also a gift from my friend Ayad), the first desert-bred out-cross in my breeding program and the source of one of my principal dam lines. Noowairah was a gift to me from her breeder Kelly Daniels (Clarity Kennels, VA) and is out of Azabina, a bitch Kelly imported from Sweden. Noowairah was sired by Kaisoon Al-Ifriqiya (a grandson of Hatshepsut) who passed away just before Noowairah was bred to Tamahan (more about the interesting lineage of Tamahan in another post...Insh'Allah). Tahatmellet was named for one of the sub-kels (clans) of the Kel Adagh. In Tamasheq it means "those of the white horses". OK, so I'm a name freak. May he live long and thrive, Insh'Allah. Al hamdullilah.


Pavo muticus muticus...

...aside from the raptors, another creature that fascinates me is the Java Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus muticus). I am not sure where I "got" the image...but I hope it was the site to which this post is linked, Insh'Allah. Well, I ran across this image while searching for another....which I did not find by the way...and decided to post it. Al hamdullilah.

vawius and sundwy...

...fwam top: Tamgak (d.b.) removing a cactus spine, little Amassakoul ([Kidal X Batna]) co-owned by Mimi Cary Drake, CA), Anazar (Fasiqqi X Chenna) removing a cactus spine, puppies being puppies, Djeebo (Tamgak X Tiwul), Abalak (Fasiqqi X Tiraout), Kidal (Fasiqqi X Imouyene) and Tamahan (d.b. sired by Ayad ag Inachanan, Tin Akoff, Burkina Faso), and Tintzirit (Amenzu X Tawinak). Al hamdullilah.

the sun rises beyond the tumbling mesas...al hamdullilah


Tombouktou's Wayaasi...again...

...bred by Gabriele Meissen (Tombouktou's Azawakh, Germany) and owned by Leslie Wohlgroth, Switzerland. Wayaasi is a son of Tombouktou's Qarqabu (Kusaylah Al-Ifriqiya X Tombouktou's Nahalet) and was sired by Amadahl Idiiyat-es-Sahel (owned by Barbara Schlatterer, Germany...[Alem'nemehal Al-Ifriqiya X Taytok, d.b.]). Click here for the full ancestry.

Snow in the desert....just not right!