Tuareg poem...

Ekkaalegh deffer giiten n amekkar
Wa ikfen ii n tiit tekkooret amiar
S eed yowet ed aglin midden awaal
lekkiim afoos yennoottef d amawal.

I'm amazed by the works of God,
Who blesses a mere violin*
So that where it plays men fall dumb,
Only stirring a hand to pull the turban over their eyes.

*"the one who has an eye that isn't living," referring to the soundhole of the Tamasheq single stringed violin, the amzhad, traditionally played by women in the evening."

Elhennet Kel Dahoussahaq with her puppies day seven...

...al hamdullilah


Ishagahan, db X Elhennet Kel Dahoussahaq

A litter is due the latter part of August, insh'Allah, and the pedigree:

Elhennet Kel Dahoussahaq was a precious gift to me from her breeder Monika Kessler, Kennel Kel Dahoussahaq, Switzerland, and is a maternal grand-daughter of Khamseen Al-Ifriqiya, a male bred by me and exported to Heidi Graner in Germany many years ago.  I brought Ishagahan back as a small puppy from Niger five years ago.

Serious inquiries are invited.
Contact: Daoud at sooltan61@yahoo.com

Elhennet Kel Dahoussahaq


Cid Kel Dahoussahaq, sire of Elhennet

Elbeida el Hammada, dam of Cid Kel Dahoussahaq

Jana, dam of Khamseen Al-Ifriqiya, maternal grandsire of Elhennet

Khamseen Al-Ifriqiya, maternal grandsire of Elhennet

Reckendahl's Isesi, my foundation male and great, great, great grandsire of Elhennet

Al-Hara's Tarada, my foundation bitch and great, great, great granddam of Elhennet