random thoughts

As I wait for Taylalt to whelp, my thoughts turn increasingly to her origins, her ancestors and her culture. I am confident that there is a place for her in the larger scheme of things and that her progeny have the chance to influence the future of her race here in the west. I also think about Bomboukou, the white one, sire of the coming litter and son of Tiraout whom I will always remember as the fierce puppy I pulled from a hole in the vast nowhere of the Sahel. I think about the relatives of Taylalt and Bomboukou; both the ones who have left for another dimension and the ones who live out their lives in this one. And even though the future might appear uncertain, I believe that life is unfolding as it must and that Allah's mercy is without limit.

Lao Tzu wrote:

Who is brave and bold will perish;
Who is brave and subtle will benefit.
The subtle profit where the bold perish
For Fate does not honour daring.
And even the sage dares not tempt fate.

Fate does not attack, yet all things are conquered by it;
It does not ask, yet all things answer to it;
It does not call, yet all things meet it;
It does not plan, yet all things are determined by it.

Fate's net is vast and its mesh is coarse,
Yet none escape it.

two generations behind Bomboukou

Tiraout ([desert bred] dam of Taylalt), dam of Tiraout (photo: Christiane Thier-Rostaing), Tigidit Fasiqqi ([bred by Alberto Rossi] sire of Fasiqqi), Kabara ([from the kennel 'dell Attimo Fugente] sire of Fasiqqi) and Agarouf ([desert bred] sire of Fasiqqi). There is no photo of Tiraout's sire.

two generations behind Taylalt

Tiwul (dam of Taylalt), Hatshepsut ([bred by Ayad ag Inachanan, Burkina Faso] dam of Tiwul), Kaisoon (sire of Tiwul), Afelahlah ([bred by Brigitte Washington, Reunion Island] sire of Taylalt), Sahi-Saada ([from the French kennel 'du Royaume de Sikishyma'] dam of Afelahlah), and Yubu ([Brigitte Washington] sire of Afelahlah).


...is due today but I'm not sure she knows that. The only news is that I'm letting myself get more and more excited about the coming, Insh'Allah, litter.



I tried to take photos of the dogs today...but they would not be still. So I opted for the hibiscus (Texas Star, a native species) out by the mailbox, one of the neighborhood cats and flowering kudzu.



It is told that Ar-Rasool, salaalahu alayhi wa salaam, said,

"The slowest to anger are the best of man; the slowest to overcome anger are the worst of man."

I am over my anger. Unfortunately it took a relatively long time.

Maybe now I can move forward in a more positive way, Insh'Allah.

fee aman Allah