this image...

...is of one of the grandmothers/matriarchs in the camp where I was gifted Aisinda. All of the family members appeared to be quite entertained by my enthusiasm for the little haanshee k'nai they called aoura (sand). They suggested I take her littermate/sister as well. I felt bad to decline but at this point thought I would only be bringing one puppy home (got that wrong!). I had the feeling they were proud, if maybe also a bit shocked, at our interest in their idi, but there was no obvious proof of this...they just smiled politely and watched patiently as all the crazy anasara (whites) ran around taking photos of their world.

This is one of my favorite photos from the expedition (thanks to Gerhard and his incredible eye, al hamdullilah). I would like to write more but again, it is so difficult to put into words things that for me are beyond description.

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