T'naasheet ak Domiko...

...finally made it to us, al hamdullilah. Thanks to Doug Koger for keeping his promise to breed her according to my wishes, to Alison Tyler for keeping her until she could be shipped out as well as for dealing with all the airport crap, and to Brett and Jess Booth who had her transported to them and then kept her for me until we made the move. T'naasheet (with little Amlal [Fasiqqi X Tawinak] curled up with her) is the result of four generations of selection within my breeding program: she is a daughter of Afsoon, who is the daughter of Iman, who was the daughter of Jana who was the daughter of Tarada, my foundation bitch (bred by Gabriele Meissen out of Al-Hara's Jaba, a beautiful taidit of the "Yugoslavian" strain). Since T'naasheet's sire Sheshonq Idiiyat-es-Sahel is of the same dam line (through his dam Chenna, at once a daughter of Jana as well as a half sister of Iman, both now gone from me, mash'Allah wa al hamdullilah), T'naasheet is "pure in the strain Lara"; Lara having been the first taidit imported into Yugoslavia from the Sahel in the 1970's, foundress of a line of beautiful, elegant and typical aidi.

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