News from Gabriele Meissen...

...Tombouktou's Azawakh. Two daughters of Kusaylah owned by Gabi are pregnant: Takute (bred to Al-Hara's Vakuru), a six year old daughter of Kusaylah and Iman, and Taletmot (bred to Bahran Idi n'Illeli), a five and a half year old daughter of Kusaylah and Gabriele's desert-bred Taytok. Also, a very beautiful taidit bred by Gabriele named Umaymah, a daughter of Qarqabu (another Kusaylah daughter), just whelped a litter (X Aragorn Lac La) in Hungary, al hamdullilah.

From top: Taletmot and Takute, Takute, Taltmot and Umaymah.

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