our rights...

...to own and breed animals are gradually being stipped away here in the United States. If you are concerned about protecting your/our rights visit this site to stay abreast of this "movement"; an insidious capitulation to the extremist agenda of the Animal "Rights" Radicals (with the help of OUR government). Like our votes....every voice counts. Contact your state representatives and state senators and find out where they stand on these issues. And if the future looks as bleak to you as it does to me, please take a stand. Such a stand requires due diligence and the time it takes to contact and interact with your "representatives"...but if we don't speak out now to protect our rights......well, go to the site and the future is clearly predicted. Thank you in advance from a human who will defend to the end his right to own and raise animals free of undue government "intervention and oversight". Remember: WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.

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