getting settled into our new home...

...from top: T'naasheet ak Domiko (Sheshonq X Afsoon [bred by Doug Koger]), sisters Tezerift and Raba (Idi Ilaman Afelahlah [imported from Brigitte Washington on Reunion Island] X Tiwul [both now gone from me: Afelahlah in the house fire of a year ago and Tiwul from a rattlesnake bite]), a morning fire in the wood stove for warmth and to boil water for coffee [its freezing here at night!], Choum (Afalkou X Tin Hinan Batna [also bred by Brigitte Washington], al hamdullilah), and a photo of a new fence line. Yes, even here in this remote spot of the southwestern desert of the US we have to confine the dogs. Not that they would eat the cattle that free-range around us, but its easy to blame dogs for killing calves, so better safe than sorry. Being enclosed is their best protection from cattle ranchers, Insh'Allah, since they have the legal right to shoot dogs on sight if spotted even near their cattle. And well, I wouldn't blame a cattle rancher for being suspicious of dogs...many calves are lost each year to coyotes and roaming packs of feral dogs.

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