dear Andra...

...our dear friend in Canada who invested in the property in NM with me...she has two Azawakh from me and one from Debbie Kidwell. From the top: T'ezewek, now a year old (Idi Ilaman Afelahlah X Tiwul), then Tala (Fasiqqi X Tittawen), and then Kel Simoon Elkem, Andra's first Azawakh. I think he is getting old now, mash'Allah. Andra was down in July for a visit to her property...but here for such a short time...I can't wait until we can see her again, Insh'Allah. T'ezewek looks black...bu it is only the very close black brindling, inherited from his dam Tiwul. Al hamdullilah.

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Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Elkem is 12 years old and I go by Deb.
Thank you for posting the photo of Elkem. It's been a long time since I've seen him.
Deb Kidwell
Kel Simoon Azawakhs