more pics...of course...

...from top: Firdausi (my straight Egyptian stallion [Zedann X Malkata]), T'naasheet (Sheshonq X Afsoon), Amaray (six and a half week old male puppy [Fasiqqi X Tawinak]), Adoubou (almost seven months old male puppy [Tamgak X Tiwul]), Bomboukou (almost seven weeks old pupppy [Fasiqqi X Tiraout]) playing with a toy, a yucca with blown grass woven into the leaves, Iferouane (45 day old female puppy [Fasiqqi X Tiraout]), the beautiful mesa to our north, Tezerift (one year old female puppy [Idi Ilaman Afelahlah X Tiwul]), and Toumlilt (45 day old female puppy [Fasiqqi X Tiraout]).

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