more pics...

...from top: Tawinak (Kusaylah X Taytok), then the brothers Tadaksahak and Mahdjoub (Afalkou X Illi Tin Hinan Batna), six month old Kusu (Tamgak X Tiwul), Noowairah (Kaisoon X Azabina [Noowairah was bred by Kelly Daniels, Clarity Kennels Azawakh, VA]), a couple of puppy shots, then two of Kidal ([Fasiqqi X Imouyene], sire of the litter coming, Insh'Allah, out of Batna). Al hamdullilah.


Marcus Hooker said...

I know I've said it before, but Tadaksahak and Mahdjoub are just so beautiful. They both seem particularly taller than they are long, while a lot of other Azawakh I've seen from other breeds seem more square or even longer than tall.

Brian Reiter said...

Hi Marcus,

The archetypal Azawakh is taller than its body length. Some call it a "standing rectangle". It's fairly unique to this particular breed and is an adaptation to the blinding heat of the Sahel and South Sahara. Most of Daoud's dogs have long legs and short backs. Batna is a particularly good example.