the beautiful Taytok...

...was gifted on the 2000 ABIS Expedition to the Sahel to Oliver Becker; ABIS member, Germany, and close friend of Gabriele Meissen. Gabriele has asked Oliver to please bring back a female puppy for her since she was not able to go on the expedition...having been on two previous expeditions...and also the timing was not right for her to leave her veterinary practice. Little Taytok was gifted to Oliver by a family of the Kel Daoussahaq (or Dawsahak). Because Gabriele and I bred two litters in partnership out of Taytok she founded a dominant line of my breeding program, al hamdullilah. I kept her daughters Imouyene and two sons Alatokh and Ailal out of the first litter sired by Alem'nemehal; and I kept the daughter Tawinak and her two brothers Enhal and Talak out of the litter sired by Kusaylah. Al hamdullilah. I find this photo of her to be particularly interesting...mysterious even...quixotic...as is she. The photo was taken by Gabriele in Germany.

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