Tizemt Idiiyat-es-Sahel...

...called Nala by her owner Lilia Berozhkina who lives in Boca Raton, Florida. I am very proud of Lilia and Tizemt; last weekend Tizemt won two back to back Best in Shows in two UKC shows (over 650 dogs entered in each show). Tizemt had never been shown before...and was not even comfortable walking close to Lilia on leash since she is typically just loose in Lilia's yard and when on leash she is on one of those extendable leashes...just not used to walking next to Lilia...but at Doug Koger's recommendation Lilia took Tizemt to the shows. Lilia told me she went to the show and spent time trying to get Tizemt used to walking close to her and letting people touch her...and that by the time they went into the ring Tizemt was so sick of the whole thing she was like, whatever, this person (the judge/judges) wants/want to touch me, whatever. I am very proud of Tizemt and Lilia! Tizemt is a full sister of Tiwul who was killed by a rattlesnake two months ago. There are plans to breed Tizemt to Doug Koger's Sheshonq Idiiyat-es-Sahel...Insh'Allah. I hope it will happen, Insh'Allah.

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