...sister and littermate of Tawinak, one of the two taidit due to whelp any day now, Insh'Allah. Taletmot (Tamasheq for a camel cow with a strong temperament) and Tawinak (Tamasheq for a species of Akacia that grows in the Sudan) and their brothers Enhal, Talak and Sikire, were sired by Kusaylah and are out of Taytok. They are from the second litter bred by Gabriele Meissen (Tombouktou's Azawakh, Germany) and me, in partnership. Taletmot lives with Gabriele near Munich, where Gabriele has her veterinary practice. Taletmot was bred to Bahran Idi n'Illeli, bred by Sebastian Poller and owned by Andreas Lutze, the last week of September and Insh'Allah will whelp sometime in mid-November.

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