Telmousit Al-Ifriqiya...

...who is gone from me but who was a force with whom to be reckoned during her life with us. Telmousit was a daughter of the foundress of one of my main dam lines: Hatshepsut (Sahelian born taidit bred by Ayad ag Inachanan, Tin Akoff, Burkina Faso). Her sire was Debakkar Kel Dahoussahaq, an idi bred by Monika Kessler (Azawakh Kel Dahoussahaq, Switzerland), whom I imported in 1996 (Telmousit's ancestry). The word telmousit is Tamasheq for a small decorative knife carried under the robes of women on their wedding day, its purpose to ward off evil. I named her after a knife because when she was born she was nursing before she was even completely free of the birth canal! I thought to myself, self, that's one strong little critter! Hence, a strong name. I miss her. Maktoub wa al hamdullilah.

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