a loss...

I lament for Maike, who passed away this evening. Maike was the beloved wife of Dr. Werner Roeder. I was lucky to have met her, al hamdullilah, if only twice; once as a guest in the Roeder's home in Munich, and once at the annual Azawakh specialty in Lac de la Madine, France. Her love and passion for the Azawakh she so loved was palpable...and she was gracious and charming, even living with the cancer that for the last years of her life challenged and tested her. There should be more Maikes in the world. Maybe one day there will be, Insh'Allah. My thoughts and prayers are with Werner, our Abu Idi. May the days of mourning pass quickly...to be replaced with days of fond memories and acceptance. And peace. Insh'Allah. Maktoub wa al hamdullilah.

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