Tintzirit (Amenzu X Tawinak), surrogate dam to the puppies

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Brian Reiter said...

When I visited, Semteende's puppies were about 8 weeks old and Tiwul's something like 9 or 10 weeks old. The two litters had fused into a single puppy pack and both Semteende and Tiwul would nurse any/all of them.

Tintzirit is a bitch that has never had puppies but clearly wants them. She used to sit or lay next to the puppy enclosure with the most longing hang-dog expression imaginable and stare at those puppies for hours.

Sometime in the week after I left, Tiwul and Semteende started to get serious about weening the puppies and Tintzirit nominated herself as nanny. She apparently jumps in there with the puppies and plays wtih them and nuzzles them and generally cares for them. Apparently Semteende and Tiwul apparently think this is fantastic, "We have a maid!"