a matriarch...

...of the Sahel (from the family in the encampment where I was gifted Aisinda). This photo was taken by Gerhard Hans (Germany) on the 2007 expedition. I found that Gerhard had a very special talent for capturing the essence of anything he photographed. Gerhard had been on many ABIS expeditions but this time he finally brought back a puppy: Youf Akim (named by Gerhard but have forgotten the meaning...I must ask him...). Gerhard had been charged with the care of little Youf Akim as I had already too many puppies to handle. Youf Akim had been chosen for Brigitte Washington on Reunion Island. But after several days Gerhard came to me and asked if it might be possible for him to keep Youf Akim and if it might be possible for us to find another puppy for Brigitte. Of course I said of course! and we did find another haanshee k'nai for Brigitte; Tazrayt. Tazrayt and her sister Tiraout still live with me and we (Brigitte and I) are waiting until Tazrayt can be bred to one of the aidi here (thereby bringing in additional out-crosses to Brigitte's breeding program) and then a puppy from this crossing, Insh'Allah, will be sent to her. I will post a picture of Youf Akim when I find one...but for now here are pictures of Tazrayt (Tamasheq for a sword of great beauty and power) and Tiraout (the playing one in the second photograph...her name is Tamasheq for a piece of jewelry worn on the chest to ward off evil).

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