The first puppy that was gifted to me in Africa was Tamgak (he came with the name "Michele": most of the peoples of west Africa speak French, a hold-over from the French occupation of their land). I changed his name IMMEDIATELY to Tamgak...a mountain west of Agadez to the north in Mali...I figured such a tiny little thing needed a big name. He became the mascot of the expediton and by the end his name was "Michele Tamgak Sex Machine Sheitan the Devil". I added a few more after we returned home to Georgia (Kudzu being one of them). He was quite fierce for such a little critter and in the one photo you can see him guarding me and the camp from that THREATENING looking elderly woman. He was quite satisfied with himself after this encounter. She just laughed. Here in America Animal Control! would have been contacted immediately! The "sex machine" part of his name was for his incredible ability, tiny as he was, to climb atop luggage or whatever high point he could find and jump on the backs of passing female puppies. He remains an enigma and is the first of the puppies brought back from the 2007 expedition to reproduce. He bred Tiwul and produced six nice puppies, al hamdullilah.


Brian Reiter said...

So dramatic! Some (many?) Americans do freak out way to easily about any sort of animal that isn't stuffed, but Tamgak is even tempered and even friendly with strangers (e.g. me).

Tamgak eye-stalk, ready to chase.

Tamgak hanging out in a hole.

Anonymous said...

Salaam Daoud!
my God, I sincerely do feel upset about what I just read, your history, the loss of your azawakhs...I did not know about what you had been trough. I did not even know you were an artist! I am an artist too.
i don't know if you remember me. I contacted you a few weeks ago for a puppy. Never mind if you don't. I only wish i could add a though of peace and wish for your new life in N.Mexico.
Rachel and Orpheus from Italy