check out The Azawakh Club's 2010 Calendar!

The focus of the new calendar is on Azawakh puppies in the Sahel. Al hamdullilah. All proceeds from the sale of the calendar go to support the work of The Azawakh Club. Click on the blog post title to purchase the calendar. To view all the products for sale in The Azawakh Club Store click here.


Andy in Los Angeles said...

We just received our Azawakh calendar and it's a very nice little calendar. We're glad we got it.

We have it hanging up in the kitchen already (even though it's only November - why wait til January to see Azawakh puppies?).

azawakh place said...

I'm very happy to hear that you are pleased with the calendar Andy...thank you for letting me know and thank you on behalf of The Azawakh Club.