Guy Dupraz...

...with Tadaksahak and Hawa in California. Guy is the new owner of Tadaksahak and Corine Lundqvist, Azawakh de Garde Epee, the new owner of Hawa. Both Gabriele Meissen and Mimi Drake were instrumental on many levels in facilitating this exportation of two of my Azawakh to France. I look forward to the day that their unique genetics wind their way into the European gene pool, Insh'Allah. Ironically, Tadaksahak (whose dam Illi Tin Hinan Batna was bred by Brigitte Jacob Hamitouche) is the great-great-grandson of Gefell de Garde Epee. So in a way some part of him is returning home. Al hamdullilah. My appreciation to Guy for allowing me to post this image.

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