another Guy Dupraz photo...

...this one of Tiraout. Yes, I know, her tail is curled! But her legs are almost flawless, al hamdullilah! Tiraout has produced one litter for me sired by Tigidit Fasiqqi, al hamdullilah; five puppies of which I retained two for breeding, Insh'Allah; the male puppy Safdar and the female puppy Tiinaade. Tiinaade has perhaps the most beautiful head of any Azawakh I have ever bred. Al hamdullilah. None of the puppies have curled tails. Tirouat's full sister Tazrayt (owned by Brigitte Jacob Hamitouche, Reunion Island...but still part of my 'pack') as well as a third sister Melusina. Melusina was imported by Claudia Gemmato, Italy. Claudia also imported a bitch from me, Sinan Idiiyat-es-Sahel. Al hamdullilah.

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