commentary on the video below...

A short video of less than superior quality that is nonetheless interesting on several levels for its subject matter. The Azawakh bitch is Imouyene Idiiyat-es-Sahel and five of the puppies in the video are her puppies sired by Tigidit Fasiqqi (the male puppies Kidal and Sikasso as well as the bitch puppy Dori, the three I retained for breeding, and the bitch puppies Tilaberit and Nara). Both Imouyene and Fasiqqi are half desert bred. And three of the puppies in the video were brought back from the Sahel by other members of the 2007 ABIS Expedition. The red puppy with high white on her legs (Tagola) was imported by Christiane Thier-Rostaing and the two creme-colored brothers were brought out by Alberto Rossi. The two cream desert bred puppies were only a couple of weeks old when they were brought out of Africa and Imouyene, whose puppies were very close in age, accepted, nursed and raised them as her own.  Later Christiane came to pick up Tagola to take her home to Germany and the two creme-colored males were shipped to Alberto in Italy. Ansongo is the odd puppy out. He must have been in there to play with the other puppies. He was a single puppy out of Xanadu's Azzat (bred by Alison Tyler) and sired by Idi Illaman Afelahlah (bred by Brigitte Jacob Hamitouche, Reunion Island). 

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