Nara's litter...

Nara Idiiyat-es-Sahel whelped 4 male and 4 female puppies sired by Ansongo Idiiyat-es-Sahel on November 8th, al hamdullilah. Both sire and dam are owned by Guonessa Gustafson, a Swedish-American artist living in Nevada. For me the breeding represents a very interesting combination of genotypes and phenotypes. The sire line is Mabrouk, an Azawakh brought out of southern Algeria whose line has been preserved by Brigitte Jacob Hamitouche of Reunion Island...the dam line that of desert bred Taytok, a beautiful bitch imported from the Sahel into Germany by Gabriele Meissen. The high number of 'New African/ABIS' imports in the ancestry is an encouraging idicator and presents a glimpse of the dedication and work of breeders around the world; breeders dedicated to both the preservation and advancement of the race who recognized/recognize that the inclusion of fresh desert bred stock in western breeding programs is a positive breeding strategy. In many ways these puppies represent both the result and the promise of such a strategy: crossing New African Azawakh (in this instance Agarouf, Taytok, Anubi ag Tin Akoff, Hatshepsut, C'Babasch, Mabrouk, Ejeker, Duke, Bold Billy and Atri ak Mansoufouga) into the foundation 'Yugoslavian' and 'French' lines. And maybe I'm a little biased...but the puppies already look beautiful to me. I hope you will visit Guonessa's blog to find out more about both Guonessa and her puppies. I believe there are still some puppies available.

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