Taylalt and Bomboukou

Taylalt (Idi Illaman Afelahlah X Tiwul) and Bomboukou (Tigidit Fasiqqi X Tiraout) are owned by Skye and Josh Bauermeister and are only temporarily in my care. Afelahlah was bred by Brigitte Washington Hamitouche, Tigidit Fasiqqi by Alberto Rossi, and Tiraout was a gift to me from a family in the Sahel. My mother and father are devoted to them...but, unable or unwilling to pronounce their exotic names, have nick-named them Brillo and Bobo, respectively. Brillo for 'brindled' and Bobo...well, self-explanatory. I have always intensely disliked nick-names. But well, I know my parents don't mean any disrespect. And the dogs don't know. And its also rather amusing.

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