The Cleansing

Although ownership of my dogs has been transferred to Mimi Drake, this should not be misconstrued to mean there is a direct line of succession from me to her.

[this paragraph was deleted out of respect for the innocent]

[this part was deleted out of respect for the friends I lost] The best lessons are often the hardest learned; from this point forward trust must be earned, it will not be given freely out of some blind belief in the intrinsic goodness of others.

[this paragraph was deleted out of respect for the innocent]

There is of course goodness. I am thankful for that.

al hamdullilah

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ulla keller said...

I do not know, what happened to you and do not
know, who your enemies are.
The only thing I know is, that showing vulnerability and sensitivity to people, who
do not mean well, is like an invitation to them
to even hurt you more.
It may be better to only let your true friends know,how you feel and just ignore the others.
Concentrating on the good and rewarding goals
you have in mind for your future and the future
of the dogs, that are still sharing your life,
will probably lead you to a peaceful and happy new beginning.
Hatred and revenge only are obstacles to one's
own happiness.