To Whom it May Concern: I am honoring a request that I not post to my blog whether there has been any closure or fulfillment of any agreement between me and any other individual regarding the transfer of ownership of my Azawakh.

I have also removed any posts referencing the aforementioned issue. Hopefully by now everyone has forgotten it anyway. But anyone having any questions regarding is more than welcome to contact me.


Though a large part of me has been left behind, mash'Allah, the rest of me will move forward, Insh'Allah.

A new phase of my life has begun, al hamdullilah, and, even if what has happened has indelibly changed me, it has not altered my course: I will breed Azawakh again, Insh'Allah.

I will never again use the names Al-Ifriqiya or Idiiyat-es-Sahel.

I am thinking about a new name: n'Aidhan wa n'Tafouk.

Azawakh n'Aidhan wa n'Tafouk.

I think it has a nice ring to it. And I think it sounds hopeful.

fee aman Allah


Lilia Berezkina said...

My heart has been and always will be with you! I know it has been a tough journey for you, it usually happens to the best people and pure hearts, but this shall pass too and I know you can pick up the pieces and move forward... and true friends will be there if you need them... al hamdullilah...

ulla said...

Although I do not know you personally, I have
been following up your story for quite a while.
What I do wish with all my heart, is that ALL
of your dogs will find understanding and
warmhearted new owners, so they and you can
start a new life with happiness, love, in
safety !
Ulla and her dogs

Marcus Hooker said...

I like the new name, I think it sounds very nice.