Why I'm back on Facebook

Well, its like this: my sister called me several days ago to excitedly announce that she had created a Facebook page/profile/identity/whatever it is. She told me I could now add her as a 'friend'. I responded with "Sweetie, I'm not on Facebook anymore." Her response: "Well get back on there! I don't have any friends!!!"

So I reactivated my page. Unfortunately I have been unable to find my sister anywhere inside that place...and unable to reach her on the phone to find out how.

Returning to Facebook gave me a jolt. I was happy to see my real friends and to see how they had been faring. And unhappy to see the usual miscreants spreading their usual loads of mischief...misinformation and inanity at its finest.

I 'thumb upped' a couple of real friends and then quickly logged off, having been reminded once again that I'm just not made for Facebooking.

But I didn't deactivate my account: I await my sister's arrival.

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