Tadawelt Idiiyat-es-Sahel...

...just whelped her first litter today, al hamdullilah: two female puppies and two male puppies. Tadawelt is owned by Marya Morales, Azawakh ak Tinalchinan, who purchased her first Azawakh (Talempt Al-Ifriqiya [Takoba Al-Ifriqiya X Hatshepsut, db]) from me ten years ago. This is also the first litter bred by Marya. The sire of the litter is Alatokh. I could not be more excited for Marya. I've been encouraging her to breed her Azawakh for eight years! Pictured is Tadawelt's dam Imouyene (Alem'nemehal X Taytok, db) who is no longer with us. Mash'Allah.

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