Lies, rumors and innuendos are a trio of poisons whose only antidote is truth.

Contrary to what some of you have heard, and what some of you may hear, my dogs are not 'in rescue'.

I have avoided posting about my current situation because I considered it to be more personal than public...but well, if one has a blog and has shared so much of their life (uh, meaning mostly my dogs) with the world, then maybe the blog is the best place to correct misinformation.

As many of you know, I moved from Georgia to New Mexico in January of 2008. My partner and I built a life there for ourselves and my animals (my Azawakh and my Arabian stallion). But before even a year had passed we moved to Texas. The reason: I discovered that I owned more dogs than were allowed by the county in which we lived.

This move was unavoidable at the time, and I owe much to the friends who helped me to relocate to TX. But in the end it proved disastrous. The reasons are worthy of another post. The reality is that ultimately I became incredibly depressed at the hopelessness of our living situation....it was, in my mind, a dead end. A place to die.

Then a friend stepped up and in a spirit of unparalleled generosity offered to take over the day to day care of the dogs and Firdausi so that I would be freed up to search for a new home for myself and the animals.

Never having been separated from my animals (except for four weeks in Jan/Feb 2007 when I went to Africa with ABIS) in twenty years...I was reticent, even though I knew the offer was a very reasonable and sound solution to a difficult situation.

I moved all the animals the first part of this month. After spending time getting them settled into their new living situation, I returned to Georgia to search for a new home. Part of the reason for my return to Georgia was very personal: my family needed me.

I am renting an old farmhouse up in the mountains about 30 miles north of where I used to live. Working on pulling together materials for fencing and enclosures is my first step towards getting my animals back. I am not sure how much time it will take. But even this will hopefully be only an interim solution. The ultimate goal is to return with my animals to my home in NM, Insh'Allah.

I feel grateful that the dogs are with a very close friend who is taking wonderful care of them but I miss them terribly and hope to have them back soon, Insh'Allah.

As for the lies and rumors, look to the source. If you have questions please feel free to ask me. I overcame my reluctance to post this because I was receiving what were becoming regular doses of phone calls and emails from concerned friends curious to know what was happening with me and the animals. I am grateful that people are concerned and keeping me in the loop....a loop I tend to avoid at all costs. But I will not avoid it at the cost of my reputation.

ma asalaamou,

Daoud Abdullah Abdullah


Danielle said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I am relieved to hear that you are doing well, and glad that you explained the situation for all of the people who don't know you well enough to know not to believe the lies. Will call you soon! love,d

futurowoman said...

oh man, people can be insane! sending you hugs! xo nancy