I want to take an opportunity to thank those of you who have made Mimi and me aware of your support. We would both like to lay to rest the destructive gossip, and focus on what is really important: the dogs. But before we can do this we feel it is important to re-iterate a few facts;

1. My dogs and stallion are being cared for by my dear friend Mimi Drake until such time as I am re-established and ready to take them back.

2. The dogs continue to be in wonderful health thanks to Mimi's care.

3. Mimi and I are great friends and will continue to be. In fact we may be neighbors in the near future, as Mimi now owns a share of my property in New Mexico (compensation for her assistance in caring for the dogs and stallion until they are returned to me...hopefully sooner rather than later, Insh'Allah). At least there is already a house out there for one of us! OK, so its made of mud, but its a nice little house.

4. Our main focus is and always will be the preservation and well being of the Azawakh.

I am grateful for the kindness that Mimi has shown me. She is a very dear person and I consider myself fortunate to have her in my life.

I also want to thank those of you who responded to Mimi's request for assistance. Certainly caring for a large population of Azawakh, especially if you are not used to it!, can be a challenge.

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