...is one of the three taidit I brought back from the Sahel (also I am temporarily keeping her sister Tazrayt until she can be bred and then Tazrayt and puppies will go to Brigitte Washington on Reunion Island.) These photos show the dam of the sisters, two photos of Tiraout in Africa when I first "found" her...and one of her as a puppy a month or so after arriving at my home in the states. As you can see from her puppy photo....her legs are incredibly beautiful...and most importantly of all, (to be seen in photos to come when I find them), she has extremely beautiful eyes (see bottom photo). Maybe not the most perfect ears....but well, any muslim would say "only God is perfect". I am very thankful to the family in Africa who gifted Tirout, Tazrayt, and her sister Melusina (owned by Claudia Gemmato in Italy) for these priceless gifts. Al hamdullilah.

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