Bee updated....

...the SWARM has now moved into one of the kitchen cabinets (that particular cabinet doesn't close completely so they managed to swarm their little bodies in there). It just happens to be the cabinet above the stove. I don't cook much in there, preferring to cook on a fire, but well, I make coffee on that stove each morning. Naturally, now I have to BEE more careful. Sorry, just having way too much fun with that word. Bee.

I used to keep bees...so know how to handle myself around them so that I don't get stung...but well, it is a bit unsettling. Plus I can't let the dogs in there, and some of them like to hang out in there, because for sure they would bee stung!

That's my news of the day.

For now. But I'm sure I'll BEE back with more.....

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