the standard...

...for a female Azawakh for me is Iman Mohammed Adbulmajid, the super-model. I saw her pictures in a magazine before I ever saw my first Azawakh and the images have never left me. To this day she remains my ideal of feminine beauty, strength, and intelligence.

To date one of the closest to come to this ideal was my beloved Iman Al-Ifriqiya.

I remember the moment "my Iman" was whelped; her dam Jana had taken a long time after the previous puppy to recover and I became worried. I took her outside for a short walk, hoping to prompt her into whelping the next one. While we were outside she started and I rushed back and and just as we got inside the house Jana made a final push and the puppy dropped...as if from the sky. I caught her in my hands and I knew immediately: THIS ONE, she is Iman. Al hamdullilah.

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