Kusaylah Al-Ifriqiya...

...and his three brothers Takoba Al-Ifriqiya, Khamseen Al-Ifriqiya (exp. Germany), Talat Al-Ifriqiya (exp. Austria) and his sister Iman Al-Ifriqiya were the result of crossing the only breeding daughter of my original pair of Azawakh Jana (Reckendahl's Isesi X Al-Hara's Tarada) to Kel Tarbanassen Firhoun (bred by Gervais Coppe). I sent Jana to Switzerland to Monika Kessler's to be bred to Firhoun as he was a brindled Azawakh and therefore different genetically in some way to my original solid-colored pair.

He was the Sieger Donaueschingen in Germany in 1998.

I still have people who contact me to tell me how much they admired Kusaylah and I am thankful for that.

He liked to kill chickens.


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