a clarification...

...of my three kennel names Azawakh Al-Ifriqiya, Azawakh Idiiyat-es-Sahel and Azawakh n'Aidhan wa n'Tafouk: I bred seven litters using the suffix Al-Ifriqiya (ifriqiya being the greek/arabic word for the ancient homeland of the Tamasheq/Tuareg, now called Tunisia). Then Gabriele Meissen and I bred two litters together: Alem'nemehal Al-Ifriqiya X Taytok, db and Kusaylah Al-Ifriqiya X Taytok, db. These two litters bear the suffix Idiiyat-es-Sahel. After these collaborations Gabriele returned to her kennel name Tombouktou's (i.e. Tombouktou's U'Tidet). I decided to breed forward keeping the name Idiiyat-es-Sahel. I did so up until the birth of my most previous litter at which time I changed to the kennel name Azawakh n'Aidhan wa n'Tafouk.

Incidentally, I named my first litter without using a kennel name. The breeding was of my foundation pair Reckendahl's Isesi and Al-Hara's Tarada. The puppies (two females and three males) from this mating were named Hanif, Jana, Sarr, Mohga, and Temet. Only Jana bred forward and is the sole dam line back to Tarada and through her back to the "Yugoslavian" dam line of the Sahelian bred Lara. Jana had two daughters that bred forward, al hamdullilah: Iman Al-Ifriqiya (X Firhoun Kel Tarbanassen) and Chenna Al-Ifriqiya (X Safouan Al-Ifriqiya).

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