a visit to my friends' home...

Marya Morales came to visit for a couple of days and we took the opportunity to go and visit my friends Brett Booth and Jess Ruffner. These are the photos I took of their Azawakh (all from me except for Isekeneren who was bred by Doug Koger [out of a dog and bitch bred by me...so, well, sort of from me, in a roundabout way). I also have T'naasheet from Doug, Isekeneren's full sister.

From the top: Kanazi (Kidal X Batna), Toumlilt (Fasiqqi X Tiraout, db), three photos of Assetou (Azenzer X Semteende), Isekeneren (Sheshonq X Afsoon) and Amessan (Aslam X Semteende).

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