This cow is on my Most Wanted list!

This cow showed up two days ago and much to my chagrin will not leave! The dogs, who usually keep all the cattle out of 'our camp', have now accepted her. And all she does is walk around eating the flower spikes out of the tops of yuccas. I was waiting for them to bloom! And now they are almost all gone. And she goes over and drinks my horse's water, which he as well lets her and I think enjoys her company. But if she gets into my hay she's gonna be steak. Sorry PETA. Steak. I mean she is really one irritating cow.


Danielle said...

If it makes you feel any better, my own dog ate most of the much-anticipated flower tops off my huge aloe plant. Something against flowers, perhaps?

Brett said...

LOL! She was over here twice yesterday. She's quite cheeky;)